• Intelligence


    Our proven ability to provide solutions to our customers’ most challenging problems drives mission success and allows for decision makers to take timely action. Our analysts ensure mission success by anticipating and driving the information environment, utilizing a broad reach across the entire Intelligence Community. 


    To counter the deluge of data, OSG leverages technologies to increase the speed and accuracy of threat environments by providing the DoD and IC with expertly synthesized and aggregated data sets to bring clarity where confusion can reign. 


    Processed and analyzed by our seasoned experts, Threat Intelligence is gathered from nefarious players and the dark web to understand threat actors' motives, targets and behaviors. As a result, our DoD and Intelligence customers are able to de-risk their digital ecosystems .

Analysis is a key piece in the intelligence lifecycle. Drawing accurate and timely conclusions from gathered intelligence is integral to the success of our customers’ missions and our country’s national security goals. Obsidian Solutions Group’s Intelligence Analysts bring extensive domain expertise that helps alert decision makers to patterns and anomalies that directly affect mission success.

    • All Source
      • Our expert analysts provide the DoD, DoS and the private sector with the information they need to make well informed decisions based on the analysis of relevant data.

      • Irregular warfare analysis, open-source intel, trends analysis, criminal network analysis.
    • HUMINT
      • We provide a full range of information-gathering and threat assessment services, with a particular emphasis on human intelligence (HUMINT) methods and approaches including threat assessment, interrogation, criminal interviews, and content analysis.

    • SIGINT
      • Our analyists drive situational awareness to gain operational advantage by exploiting capabilities to provide real-time collection of on-the- ground intelligence. We also deliver swift reaction capabilities (QRC) to integrate SIGINT and radio frequency (RF) systems into platforms to match the tempo of missions.

    • GEOINT
      • OSG implements and oversees GEOINT/IMINT programs and activities transform data into actionable intelligence.

    • ELINT
      • We partner with organizations with advanced ELINT capabilities, providing passive monitoring of the targeted environment and the ability to intercept, characterize, identify and geo-locate emitters.

    • CBRNE
      • The DoD and Intel Community look to us to solve chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) defense challenges.

    • Decision Tools
      • Our tools aggregate, classify and assess disparate data, to provide actionable battlefield intelligence.

    • Integration
      • Our engineers are experts at advancing and integrating next-generation data fusion algorithms and sensors to paint an accurate picture of the threat landscape.

    • Machine Learning and AI
      • We leverage advanced algorithms and deep learning to produce actionable intelligence from multivariate sources.

    • Strategic
      • The view from 30,000 feet. Non-technical, risk-based intelligence used by high-level decision makers. 

    • Tactical
      • Details, insight and analysis of threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

    • Technical
      •  Technical threat indicators such as malware hashes, C2 IP addresses, suspicious domains, or code shared on pastebins.

    • Operational
      •  Helps to glean insight into the content, intent, and timing of specific attacks and provides insight into the origin and sophistication bad actors.