• Enterprise IT


    We accelerate the modernization of legacy IT environments and deploy next-generation technologies. Our digital transformation solutions enable our customers to seize opportunities and prepare for tomorrow's threats – today.

    When your IT Enterprise Network is the backbone of your organization, the security, reliability and manageability are non-negotiable. OSG is a trusted systems provider and integrator of Enterprise IT services to the DoD and Intel Community.


    Our Data Management services combine several domains of expertise that collectively create the conditions and serve as the framework for predictive analytics, actionable insights, automation, AI and machine learning. We help our clients strategize, architect, deploy, migrate and manage their enterprise data.

    Our innovative cyber solutions ensure a flexible defense strategy, proactive safeguards against attack vectors, and a robust shield over your hardware, software, network and information. Our experts deliver next-generation vulnerability management to mitigate risk and drive performance. 

Tradecraft to thwart future adversaries. Obsidian Solutions Group transforms how our government and private sector customers utilize, leverage and enhance their digital environments by delivering solutions and products that meet the ever-evolving demands of tomorrow’s missions.

    • Cloud Migration
      • Our migration services are vital for organizations looking to achieve digital transformation and drive growth while preparing for disruption.

    • Business Process Re-engineering
      • OSG defines and optimizes your processes to position against future threats and maximize value.

    • Agile Software Development
      • In our agile process, every aspect of development is continually revisited throughout the lifecycle, enabling more flexibility and adaptability to the threat environment.

    • Data Center Consolidation
      • Our expert end-to-end transformation services reduce IT complexity, improve scalability, and drive efficiency gains across your organization's data center.

    • ITIL-based IT Service Management 
      • We leverage the IT infrastructure library to help organizations design, transition between, and operate their digital ecosystems. 

    • Enterprise Operations and Management
      • OSG's proactive approach helps our customers to gain visibility across infrastructure environment, increase security and maximize value.

    • Application Development & Sustainment
      • Using our streamlined processes and industry best practices, we design, develop, implement and sustain customized solutions for our customers. 

    • Infrastructure Development & Sustainment
      • OSG delivers expertise, security, dependability and continuity to your critical digital infrastructure. 

    • Data Integration & Visualization
      • We design, develop and integrate innovative technical applications of big data and visualizations for cyberspace operations.

    • Enterprise Computing, Storage & Cloud Services
      • Maximize control, agility, transparency and security with out our teams and processes. 

    • Data Analytics, AI & ML
      • Our experts convert raw data into actionable information, knowledge, and insights by using technologies and processes that enable our customers to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) to work to digitally transform and adapt their organizations and counter future threats.

    • Network Security
      • Protect your network against breaches from spyware, malware, ransomware, worms, Trojans, and viruses.

    • Endpoint Security
      • Secure entry points of laptops, desktops and mobile devices from being exploited by bad actors and campaigns. 

    • Data Loss Prevention
      • DLP helps to prevent the inadvertent exposure of sensitive and classified information across all devices and networks.

    • Insider Threat
      • More than half of organizations do not have a contingency plan to mitigate Insider Threat. Reduce data breaches and compliance risks with our services and solutions.