• Zero Trust Platform


    Every Operational Technology in your organization potentially opens a door into your network through which your critical data can be compromised. Our Zero Trust Platform aims to lock those doors.


    Vulnerabilities related to Operational Technologies (OTs) are exponentially greater than threats to IT. And it isn't close. Because IT networks are not designed and deployed to protect OTs, overloading those systems increases risks and costs.


    We offer one solution, Whether you're the DoD or Federal Agency, Enterprise Organization or an OEM, we provide one platform that isolates, contains and protects all Operational Technologies regardless of OS, manufacturer or protocol. 

Our robust Zero Trust secure communications is an integrated, simple-to-install platform for Enterprises and OEMs designed specifically to run and protect all current and future Operational Technologies (OTs) and significantly reduce customer costs.

    • COTS hardware with unique firmware creates cryptographically separated networks on the same wires – better than VPNs, firewalls, and policies – and easier to manage.

    • Unique software “inside” of the platform and enables enterprises to manage their secure communications and True segmentation improves access management, ensures zero trust. 

    • Continuous Monitoring is built-in to improve security hygiene and adhere to the NIST Risk Management Framework - automated anomalous behavior monitoring for all endpoints..

  • Points of entry comparison:

    • OTs have 2.6 billion attack surface endpoints vs 10 million IT.
    • OTs maintain 90,000 operating systems vs just 3 for IT.
    • Average age: OTs  up to 30 years vs 18-24 month for IT.
  • Zero Trust for All Enterprise OT

    • ID All Endpoints.
    • Create a Communications Matrix for Security.
    • Architect Zero Trust for Enclaves and Endpoints.
    • Consider a Facilities-based Phased Implementation.  
    • Define Monitoring and Alerting – including Third Parties.
    • Extend Trust and Security Beyond the Perimeter to Partners and Supply Chain.