• Applied Rapid Technologies


    On an accelerated timeline? We've got you covered. With our additive manufacturing solutions, we will get you back on schedule—fast. Our state-of-the-art 3D printing capabilities deliver premium quality, exacting prototypes for significantly less cost than traditional manufacturing.


    ART specializes in two-material castings (overmolding), electronic encapsulation, prototype and production castings. We utilize 3D printed patterns to make soft rubber tooling capable of reproducing rigid and rubber-like castings.  


    Generate CAD models from your sketches, pictures, drawings, or laser scanned point clouds and we'll design for manufacturability. Our SolidWorks engineers provide design-for-manufacturing assistance, methods of production comparisons, industrial design, and full mechanical engineering services.

For a quarter century, Applied Rapid Technologies has provided additive manufacturing services across multiple sectors. From government and aerospace to health care to consumer goods, we help engineers, designers and inventors transform their visions into reality. Visit Art Corp

    • 25 years of Additive Manufacturing experience
    • Stereolithography, Polyjet​, FDM/FFF, and more
    • Basic test fit to Trade Show models
    • Cast urethanes and silicones
    • 1-100+ quantities
    • Overmolding, Painting, Polishing, and Plating
    • Silicone rubber tooling is capable of producing 25-40 castings per tool which makes it an excellent option for short run production.  
    • SolidWorks 3D modeling and Reverse Engineering
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Servicing Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies