Information Technology

Our mission at Obsidian Solutions Group is to enable the effective use of Information Technology, delivering products and services that meet the needs of our customer and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Systems Engineering:

    • Provide system engineering and customer service Information Technology (IT) support (server-side and client-side).
    • Facilitate the development, deployment, operation and expansion of critical guidelines, databases, services, and infrastructure in a multi-tiered Microsoft Windows and Unix Servers environment.
    • Document IT guidelines and technical standards to ensure ease of use and implementation.
    • Administer and train end-users in Document Workflow Management.
    • Work directly with other organizations to resolve hardware, software and networking issues.
    • Assist in the planning for future services and infrastructure.

Software Development:

    • Program, document, test, and maintain applications and frameworks using systems analysis principles, techniques, and process engineering to improve software quality that accurately represent customer requirements.

Network Design & Configuration:

    • Plan the implementation of a computer network infrastructure and organize/maintain information of all components included.

Database Management:

    • Provide database design, backup, replication, implementation, and support across multi-Windows environment including developing and implementing policies and procedures that ensure the security and integrity of the customer's architecture. 

Website Design:

    • Site design and development including, but not limited to, technical development, information structure, visual design, graphic design, maintenance, social media integration and search engine optimization.

Knowledge Management:

    • Promote an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise's information assets which includes databases, documents, policies, procedures, expertise, and individual employee experience. 

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