Analysis is a key piece in the intelligence lifecycle. Drawing accurate and timely conclusions from gathered intelligence is integral to the success of our customers’ missions and our country’s national security goals. Obsidian Solutions Group’s Intelligence Analysts bring extensive domain expertise that helps alert decision makers to patterns and anomalies that directly affect mission success.

Our proven ability to provide solutions to our customers’ most challenging problems drives mission success and allows for decision makers to take timely action. Our analysts ensure our customers’ mission success by anticipating and driving the information environment and utilizing a broad reach across the entire IC to ensure effective communication in all areas of our analysis.

Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Obsidian Solutions Group provides consultancy, training, and analysis services for government agencies and the private sector that wish to establish best practices for information collection, crime prevention, and research.  OSG’s personnel can also provide a full range of information-gathering and threat assessment services, with a particular emphasis on human intelligence (HUMINT) methods and approaches including, threat assessment, interrogation, criminal interviews, and content analysis. OSG can analyze intelligence that you have already collected and or train your personnel in the best practices for future investigations involving open source, background checks and investigations.

Signals Intelligence (SIGNIT)

Obsidian Solutions Group provides a complete spectrum of experience and expertise in functional information technologies. OSG will assist in meeting critical objectives by providing the right specialists for SIGINT applications and analysis.  

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) (GEOINT/IMINT)

Obsidian Solutions provides Geospatial and Imagery Intelligence (GEOINT/IMINT) analysis and products offering the expertise to assist with the creation and implementation of strategy focused GEOINT solutions to government agencies. OSG has implemented and overseen GEOINT/IMINT programs and activities utilizing personnel that have the operational technical backgrounds to engage in transforming products and services into real solutions. 

Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)

MASINT systems derive information through the quantitative and qualitative analysis of data associated with specific sources. The data is observed and analyzed in order to identify distinctive features that enable identification and or exploitation. OSG has experience specifically in MASINT, which includes assistance with; planning, direction, collection, processing, exploitation, analysis and production activities. 

All-SOURCE Analysis

Obsidian Solutions Group has the capability to conduct all source analysis to provide government agencies and the private sector with the information they need to make well informed decisions based on the analysis of relevant data. OSG offers comprehensive research exercising best practices involving areas for exploitation including:

    • Intelligence Analysis;
    • Irregular Warfare Analysis;
    • Geospatial Metadata and Signal Intelligence Analysis;
    • Open Source Analysis;
    • Criminal Network Analysis; and
    • Trends Analysis.

Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

Obsidian Solutions Group partners with organizations with advanced ELINT capabilities, providing passive monitoring of the targeted environment and the ability to intercept, characterize, identify and geo-locate emitters. The information is recorded both for real time high-level overview and post-mission analysis. OSG’s method of operation assists with providing government agencies the information needed, allowing for the seamless implementation of strategies.


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