Identity Discovery


Obsidian Solution Group’s forensics experts leverage our broad assortment solutions to provide the most comprehensive analysis available. With targeted collection and innovative network analysis technologies, the forensics service spectrum delivered by Obsidian Solution Group exceeds the basic capabilities of most providers.

We leverage our technology to provide the efficient acquisition and analysis of computers to correlate computer analysis with network communications data to validate suspected internal wrongdoing while building a comprehensive case file that identifies what happened and who was responsible.

Contact Obsidian Solutions Group for assistance with a diversity of needs, including the following:

      • Criminal or Civil Cases;
      • Investigation and Detection involving Fraud;
      • Investigation and Detection involving Intellectual Property Theft;
      • HR Investigations; and
      • Other areas, contact us.


With recent and continued advances in technologies including fingerprint identification, iris scans and facial recognition systems, Biometrics will continue to play an ever increasing role in protecting society.  The acquisition of Biometrics allows for the identity verification of an individual through automation which brings value as the identification of the individual becomes faster and more accurate, allowing for employees to concentrate on their work, reducing costs.
Obsidian Solution Group’s biometrics work is focused on helping governments and private sector companies protect their citizens and customers from the growing danger of identity theft, and making services more convenient increasing speed and accuracy thereby reducing costs.

Human Terrain Analysis

Recent campaigns and lessons learned have driven important shifts in how law enforcement, intelligence and military professionals view their arena. One of the most critical areas has been the recognition that the detailed knowledge about the civilian population in the area of operations is invaluable.

Adversary centered approaches to operational planning and execution have consequently been modified taking into consideration the opposition’s place in society: the “human terrain”.

Obsidian Solutions Group’s Human Terrain Systems analysts, planners, and field personnel are adapt in understanding how to generate and utilize human terrain information in addition to understanding the ways human terrain influences opposition networks through exploring how the adversary’s place in the local culture can be exploited for tactical and strategic objectives.

Information Technology and Knowledge Management

Obsidian Solutions Group delivers solutions for information technology that provides our customers with the ability to make informed decisions that will lead to the achievement of the mission objective. OSG enables success by providing a full range of secure and reliable IT services, all administered by stalwart and trusted program management that utilizes performance metrics to deliver measurable outcomes.

OSG has developed a vigorous and adaptable Knowledge Management practice and a differentiated portfolio of proven solutions.

Site Exploitation

Sensitive Site Exploitation or SSE is a new catchphrase for a very old process involving the collection of what could be considered evidence from a Law Enforcement perspective.  In both the domestic and international areas of operation, the need to be able to gather information from all usable sources has become crucial. When gathering intelligence from targeted efforts, those responsible for SSE-designed data collection are learning new skills that allow for intelligence gathering from many related events.

These activities include the ability to exploit and understand:

      • Cellphone Exploitation (CELLEX)
      • Communication and Electronic Media Exploitation (MEDEX)
      • Personal documents (DOCEX)
      • Biometrics

Obsidian Solutions Group is qualified and uniquely positioned to provide the skills required to be successful in the collection and processing of information for exploitation. The OSG research, development and training teams have years of experience that allow for the collection of SSE materials with proficiency.


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