Training and Capacity Building

Obsidian Solutions Group recognizes that a reformed and effective Host Nation security and judicial sector is crucial for achieving U.S. political, development, security, and stability goals in Afghanistan and other conflict regions across the Middle East and Africa.  We have worked alongside security forces and judicial authorities in countries such as Chad, Kenya, Djibouti, Iraq and Afghanistan  to improve their ability to manage internal and external security threats, contribute to national and regional stability, respond to civilian needs, and respect international law and human rights norms.

Currently, OSG develops and delivers the training, tools and curriculum to train command staff and senior NCO’s within the Afghan military to more effectively command, control, sustain, train, and perform the specialized functions that are required to maintain their own security without foreign intervention. Additionally we advise, assist, mentor and train the Afghan police and investigative units in basic and advanced policing, ethical policing standards, investigation, and surveillance techniques. We directly support US and Coalition Forces to better execute their Law Enforcement related responsibilities, including building capacity in Host Nation Security Forces inclusive of military and civilian Law Enforcement agencies, in furtherance of Rule of Law (RoL) development.