Mission Support

Obsidian Solutions Group supports U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Joint community, all U.S. Armed Services, the Department of State (DoS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Justice (DoJ), and other government and nongovernment customers. We have quickly earned an outstanding reputation for professional excellence, high quality support services, and responsiveness - earned by all of our employees.


We strive to recruit, employ, and retain skilled individuals who are true subject matter experts (SMEs) in their selected fields and are dedicated to supporting the mission at hand. Obsidian Solutions Group, having developed past performance across all of its core mission sets and coupled with dedicated employees, is quickly becoming a Small Business of Choice and has earned for us a strong reputation within the industry as a trusted provider of highly specialized support services. Our support of real-world operations has helped prepare U.S. and allied forces meet their mission requirements.


Counter Improvised Explosive Devices
In today’s environment, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are being used in an ever more significant role and will continue to be part of the operational response for government agencies, private sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for now and the foreseeable future. Obsidian Solutions Group is an industry recognized leader in Countering IEDs (C-IEDs) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and maintains a contemporaneous understanding of IED weapons systems offering solutions to include world class training in countering the IED threat.


CBRN-E, Weapons of Mass Destruction
Obsidian Solutions Group works diligently to provide solutions to help counter Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRN-E) and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) events.  OSG’s diverse education and experience provides a range of solutions to government agencies, transportation providers and emergency management that will address both prevention and response procedures providing for a proactive defense. OSG’s experts use cutting edge technologies to provide enduring solutions and products to government agencies.


Weapons Technical Intelligence
Obsidian Solutions Group has the capability to conduct detailed investigations into weapon systems to gain valuable intelligence on its strengths, capabilities and weaknesses. The ability to acquire Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) in combination with forensics permits for the analysis of both the pre and post blast recovery of material which can then be utilized for intelligence, targeting and or evidence in support of criminal prosecution.


Exercise Support
Obsidian Solutions Group provides exercise support services and world class training to government agencies and the private sector. OSG delivers realistic pre-deployment training that meets or exceeds performance requirements promoting a method of ensured quality control while staying within budget parameters.  OSG has a recognized track record of successfully managing and staffing programs while rapidly adapting to changing requirements. You acquisition of OSG’s services will  result in a dedicated partner that will provide comprehensive training and exercise support services.


Emergency Management
Obsidian Solutions Group provides full-service consulting services for emergency management, disaster preparedness, hazardous incident training and  curricula development. OSG works with government agencies and the private sector promoting situational awareness to assist with the development and implementation of the proper protocols ensuring resources are in place to mitigate risk and potential losses.


Continuity Planning
In the private sector most organizations do not have a plan in place leveraging what they know to proactively mitigate risk and manage a crisis whether it be natural or a man-made event.  Obsidian Solutions Group recognizes government and industry reporting; noting that organizations without a Continuity Plan have a much reduced survival rate after a major event. OSG will sort through available information, specifically review how it may or may not impact the organization’s Continuity Preparedness and assist with continuity plan development. The organization in search of protecting itself from these hazards develops an edge over competitors who lack the foresight to plan for these inevitable risks, minimizing the loss of life and property.


Homeland Support
Disaster Preparation & Management Obsidian Solutions Group works to help communities lessen the loss of life and property and move toward disaster resilience. This is accomplished through preparedness strategies and tactics developed across a wide spectrum of potential hazards so that the best approaches are implemented before a disaster occurs.
In the event of a catastrophe OSG offers post disaster project management and can quickly deploy experienced personnel to provide real time operational and technical support for the duration of a disaster response operation. The result is the strengthening an agency's response operations to allow for continued increased effectiveness in the days, weeks, and months following a disaster.
Emergency Response Obsidian Solutions Group works with both government agencies and the private sector internationally to improve protection and security services saving lives and infrastructure. OSG’s commitment is to help communities recover more quickly from disasters through the integration of technology, and real-world experience to provide each of our customers with solutions that work and results that matter.
Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Obsidian Solutions Group vulnerability assessment services evaluate the strength of our customer’s defenses against infiltrations that are most likely to be used by aggressors. OSG provides actionable recommendations by leveraging proven methodologies and the assessment of priorities. This process provides senior decision makers with insights into threat and vulnerability factors allowing for better conclusions that are on par with national disciplines associated with emergency preparedness.
Transportation Security Obsidian Solutions group’s successful transportation security strategies are built on a thorough understanding of the demand characteristics of travel, transportation operations and supply capability. OSG assists government agencies navigate the complex challenges associated with evolving security threats through the development of security practices to identify problems offering solutions. OSG provides security systems that improve operations while safeguarding the travelling public and our national interests.
Border Protection Obsidian Solutions Group assists government agencies with their enhancement of border programs for critical immigration and transportation infrastructure protection.
OSG has the ability through an integrated effort to review information and track trends from numerous sources which will allow for the prevention of security breaches and assist the government to rapidly respond when such breaches occur. OSG’s analytical/investigative support helps decision makers determine how and where to coordinate resources to prevent illegal and possibly dangerous activities to mitigate risks.