Obsidian Solutions Group provides a variety of opportunities in diverse technology fields, business management, and finance through our Obsidian Science, Technology, & Management (OSTM) internship program. Our company believes experiential learning is an indispensable and valuable element for all students interested in achieving professional success. Obsidian Solutions Group Internship Program has three objectives:

    1. Enable the student to gain practical experience as a professional under conditions conducive to educational development
    2. Introduce to the student the transition from college to work
    3. Provide an internship experience that allows students to use their skills and provide an opportunity for personal development

While our company focuses on each objective we recognize it is important for students to have an enjoyable experience during their internship.

Obsidian Solutions Group’s main goal is to implement a successful internship program that partners with community organizations, non-profit organizations, Chambers of Commerce, high school, universities, defense contractor companies to collaborate on opportunities that impact the community and surrounding areas.

One of our first community partners is the University of Mary Washington through offering internships through their Employ-An-Eagle program.